Here we go, this is and will be part of my current stack cutting cycle readying myself for the 2012 nationals, supplements when used properly with the correct usage in a well constructed diet and workout routine will provide amazing results - not all are staples, but all will be serving a purpose over the next three months! 

and yes, my kitchen does indeed look like a pharmacy, but it's an open pharmacy for anyone who is down and ready to be put through a session of grueling weight and cardio at the gym with me!

questions on supplements? drop a comment!



06/20/2012 2:44am

So would you be willing to elaborate on what you are using and why?

Also what would you recommend supplement wise for someone not necessarily competing but has gained about 50lbs do to a poor diet over a 4-5 year period. I still have my upper and lower body strength but have lost some stamina as in it does take me additional time to run a mile but I am still able too.


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