So, here it is – my nutritional macros for the upcoming  3-4 weeks, after this it’ll drop down to a lower value to support the descending trend in body fat, it feels great to be back on a strict diet! It makes me feel normal; being such a control freak when it comes to monitoring what goes in my body can be a blessing and a curse!

Why the post-it-note? I write my diet whenever the need hits me, my body is always reacting different depending on what it's been through and what i eat - so this will fit perfectly over the coming weeks, later I'll update with meals and what foods comprise the breakdown for the macros.

  • 245G (980 calories) - Protein
  • 128g (504 calories) - Carbohydrates
  • 34g (306 Calories) - Fat
  • 1800 Calories


06/20/2012 2:53am

So you in a couple of cases refer to "body reaction due to what it has been through and you eat". Can you elaborate on how you determine the reaction and how you compensate for it?

06/21/2012 9:59pm

When i refer to the reaction of my body, it's determined on how certain macro-nutrients effect my body, for example; Carbohydrates. The intake of carbs at different times of the day and in different gram amounts has a pretty large impact on my body, either it'll make me sluggish, or give me energy. It'll halt my weight loss progress or push it further... really its a daily thing that will change with daily activity done, calories for the day ect. I like to listen to my body when it comes to results and progress.


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