So it looks like my slight 5 week bulking cycle is at its end, i feel and look like i put on quite a bit of extra mass in the upper pecs and especially the legs and traps. The new diet will be a gradual deficit slope leading towards the nationals, this time taking a slightly different approach; the main focus of this cut is to preserve as much muscular definition as possible, but still drop at an increment of 1-1.2 lbs a week - this would set me up for a solid 182-183lbs in nationals.

WE're going to really focus on bringing the DEEP cuts out from my abs and and oliques - water and soadium loads were done very well last time so we will stack that on top for my 1-week out once more. 

one big difference we're going to make this time is that we're still going to incorporate a small amount of carbohydrates throughout the day so my muscles will have a steady yet very strict supply, just enough to keep my muscles using the stored glycogen as fuel opposed to my hard earned muscle or limited fats i'll be ingesting - updates will come as followed! 
191lbs after 4 weeks of extremely high carbohydrate, protein and moderate fat!

Let me just say, that i am incredibly pumped to start this diet and see how low we can push my body-fat levels while sustaining all the mass i have - the coming months are going to be great! My life feels so cluttered when i don't have a solid diet set in place, but all is good now in the world of dan! 

Till later, lets get to some work and show people what it's really like to diet down!




04/02/2012 1:26pm

Hey boy,

You are fine.

That is all.


06/20/2012 2:49am

So how does one preserve muscular definition?

How does one focus on bringing the DEEP cuts out?

Can you elaborate more on the water and sodium loads were done very well last time?

06/21/2012 10:08pm

The most effective way to preserve definition is to time your carbohydrates and keep a high dose of protein being consumes throughout the body all day, this will keep a positive nitrogen balance in the body and in turn keep you “anabolic” which refers to keeping muscles intact, opposed to “catabolic” which means to break bigger things down into smaller things on a very general term, and you’ve guessed it – bigger things meaning MUSCLE! Without proper amino acids/protein In the body for it to feed on for energy, it’ll turn to your muscles and break them down. So as you can tell on a diet where you’re at a calorie deficit you’ll need to be smart about how you diet and preserve muscles!

The most effective way to bring out DEEP cuts is heavy weight first and fore most, but to see the cuts you’ll need to diet down to a low bodyfat. Both in conjunction add to it.

The last sodium loading I did my prior contest worked very well, I came in very dry and lean looking, the sodium did its job the day of the show when I loaded and pulled all water I had left into my muscles, being slightly water deprived from the following days – it made my muscles much “fuller” looking and not bloated.


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