Time sure is slinking in, and I’m getting more and more resolute by the day! I happen to smack a plateau a week or so back, my weight wasn’t in the mood to drop any longer, but we’re back in business and my metabolism is sparked like no other! Hungry usually 1 hour after my meals – cardio is up to its 30 minute mark for the time being, but will bounce staidly upwards when we HIIT  the 4 week mark.  ;)

Determining on the progress of my conditioning, cardio will rise extensively as well as calories and carbs will drop for the last time; before my 1 week out deplete. There is a specific look I’m going for this time around that I’ve never hit before, I’m pretty anxious to see if I can hit it, or obtain that look I have envisioned in my mind… who am I kidding? If I put my mind to it OF COURSE I’ll get it! Progress shots from 4 weeks out soon to follow, we’re going strong - workouts are still pretty heavy and reps and sets are moderate to high as well. We’re implementing a few different foods since calories are dropped lower and lower and it’s keeping me energized and fueled for my workout.

Last update: FISH! That’s right, fish is in and it’s in just about every meal besides before bed and breakfast, nothing comes close when cutting calories and keeping you full!



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