As fun as it's been... it's time to re-shape - some great gains were made and body-fat was kept primarily in check. November 10th is the due date, every competition i like to push myself harder and force more extreme results. 

With the newly added gains, i'm beyond excited to start shedding the fat and become even leaner than last competition, I've added to a few spots I've found lagging so i'm excited to be able to show what I've added. This will probably be the last all out "bulk" i will do for some time, the rest of the year will be focusing on staying lean, but adding minute details and gains for certain areas. Also, a new addition to this year would be Nicki, My girlfriend who will be taking part in her first competition (Bikini division) we will be cutting the same time, so it'll be good to have someone to dial down with and see what sort of concoctions can be made to fit in the macros.

Stay posted for updates on the gains and losses, after tonight my competition face is on and as always, there will be no room for mistakes. This will be a nationals to remember!



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