The 2012 NPC nationals - placing was only half the battle! 3 months prep time before this show comes creeping up, i figured i'd lax on the dies for 1-2 weeks, try to slowly incorperate carbohydrates back into the diet and slowly taper into a more dense calorie intake. 

we came in pretty lean for the southern Indiana championships, but this is now a whole new ballgame - we will be going up against the best of the best and that means no room for mistakes; training, diet and focus need to be at an all time high if i plan on taking home that first place trophy!

I'll keep you up and posted on my progress over the next few months, time to get some work done!



06/20/2012 2:34am

so from a noob perspective what does these imply?
"i figured i'd lax on the dies"

"try to slowly incorporate carbohydrates back into the diet and slowly taper a more dense calorie intake." Why did you remove/lessen carbohydrates in the first place?

06/21/2012 10:19pm

When i say lax, i mean to slowly progress into a diet - nothing super strict, but pull a few foods and replace with others. Nothing extreme, somewhat ease into a contest diet.

I remove carbohydrates when i'm trying to get to an extremely low bodyfat, in your body carbohydrates are the main source of energy.. .so when energy is restricted it needs to full from other sources - FAT! Also, carbs are the body's main source of glycogen, so when glycogen is depleted due to lack of carbohydrates it's going to be pulling from other areas of the body which will speed up fat loss when paired up with a proper diet and workout/cardio routine. More carbs will give you more glycogen stores in the muscles and liver which is great for gaining, but coming in for a contest you need to focus on purely ft loss.


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