• Intermittent fasting (IF): A very popular protocol and lifestyle - NOT just a diet, this essentially follows a semi strict eating schedule of fasting for 14-16 hours (Including sleep) then eating for 6-8 hours.Repeat. Some extreme benefits of this diet are that over the 16 hour fast your insulin is lowered as well as blood sugar, what does this mean? Well, when insulin is let loose in your body fat burning is shut down - the reasoning behind this is that nutrients are needed to be pushed into the blood stream/muscles to help feed and grow muscles as well as the body.Insulin is released after consumption of carbohydrates, fats or even proteins when needed. This is great for a muscle building standpoint, but fat burning not so hot. So think of how beneficial fat burning will be when insulin is lowered for 16 hours... that some serious power -16 hours of uninterrupted fat burning, added on top of fasted training/cardio. (not completely fasted as that could be detrimental to muscle... but training with 10g B.C.A.A supplement will give the body everything it needs as well as the benefits of fasted training.) This is one of my personal favorites as it allows for you to be active and not brood about food the entire day, but when you eat- you eat!

MEALSPACING is fast 14-16 hours followed by 7-8  hours   of eating.

  • Ketogenic Diet: This is by far the power house of fat loosing;the ketogenic diet is a medium/high-fat, med-high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet.This forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. Normally, the carbohydrates in food are converted into glucose, which is then transported around the body to be used as energy for muscles and brain. Now, if there is very little carbohydrate in the diet, the liver converts fat into fatty acids and ketone. The ketone's pass through the body and replace glucose as an energy source, a state known as ketosis. The body runs much cleaner and more effectively of from fats. Your body will become what’s called "fat adapted" this means your body is now in a state of using fats for energy opposed to carbohydrates,as your carbohydrate sources will be low, 10-50G low. Another brilliant thing about being in a state of ketosis is that if the body has no further use for ketones they can simply be excreted through urine as a waste product. This means that at times your body will be peeing out body fat! This is a novel theme because your body is very efficient at storing energy substrates for later use.

  • Ketosis also has a protein sparing effect. Once in ketosis the body actually prefers ketones to glucose (carbs). Since the body has copious quantities of fat... this means there is no need to oxidize (break down) protein to generate glucose. 

  • Then last but not least, when you become fat adapted (Usually takes 1-2 weeks) hunger pains subside and you don’t crave the foods you used too. You know... the REAL good stuff.

MEAL SPACING is generally every 4 hours apart.

  • Carb Cycling: This is usually the biggest one for athletes now a days, the intent of this protocol is to swap up carbs throughout the week- for example; M-S carbs would look like 150G, 100G, 100G, 50G, 200G, 100G, 20G~ Repeat. The intent of this is to lower the intake of carbs to keep your body more adapted to burning fat as insulin would be lower throughout the week,then jump start/mentally refresh yourself with a higher carb day. 

  • Carbs would also be varied by how active you are; for example if you're going to the gym to do a 30 minute leg workout followed by a 20 minute cardio session your energy requirements would need to be higher than a day where you'resitting at work then coming home to read a book.

MEAL SPACING is generally every 4 hours apart with macros and peri-workout nutrition inconsideration. (Peri-workout nutrition is meals before, during and after workout.)

A quick write up i though would help open your mind with some very effective nutrition protocols as i needed to explain this to a new client, enjoy.


Another client who's successfully gone though a little over a month of a TB protocol, very happy and great progress in their diet and discipline; A 4% body fat and 2% muscle gain in only 6 weeks. i love seeing such great results from people who are really trying to get the right foot hold of their health, he will have continued success with following his protocol and i'm sure... and TB will be working with him more in the future Feel free to check out his thoughts on TEAMBABCOCK for yourself:

Pushing into 4 months now and we’ve had a very successful bulk this far, not only have I put on some quality gains & enjoyed my off season time, but I’ve furthered my knowledge and progression in nutrition and dieting in addition to having the opportunity to work with some determined and hardworking clients to help them reach their desired physique – as well as opening my mind to better improved ideas, because that’s what nutrition is about… right? Consistent progression; perpetual motion for the better and refining upon ideas and understanding from the days, weeks and months before – bodybuilding is a journey that is always about being better and stronger mentally and physically. I am very happy to say this has been a wonderful past few months, bigger and better things always on the horizon… 

176 – 196 and a bit more to go, I will make this a great year and accomplish everything I’ve set myself out to accomplish, thanks to everyone for their support and constant input and criticism, it’s what helps me grow – I hope all of you achieve something big you’ve set your minds to this year… just do it, what’s the worse that can happen? MAKE IT HAPPEN!

As fun as it's been... it's time to re-shape - some great gains were made and body-fat was kept primarily in check. November 10th is the due date, every competition i like to push myself harder and force more extreme results. 

With the newly added gains, i'm beyond excited to start shedding the fat and become even leaner than last competition, I've added to a few spots I've found lagging so i'm excited to be able to show what I've added. This will probably be the last all out "bulk" i will do for some time, the rest of the year will be focusing on staying lean, but adding minute details and gains for certain areas. Also, a new addition to this year would be Nicki, My girlfriend who will be taking part in her first competition (Bikini division) we will be cutting the same time, so it'll be good to have someone to dial down with and see what sort of concoctions can be made to fit in the macros.

Stay posted for updates on the gains and losses, after tonight my competition face is on and as always, there will be no room for mistakes. This will be a nationals to remember!

Swai broken in with 1 egg white, and broccoli!
It doesn't get better than this!
This is what i enjoy eating 7 days a week, what is it? Great question, it's a mix of fish (SWAI) broken up with 1 egg white, cucumber flakes, curry, and about 1/2 cup of Franks Hot Sauce! Usually it'll very anywhere from 24-27 ounces - depending on how my body is reacting and feeling over the week, every once in a while i just need a bit more protein since my carbohydrate intake is so ridiculously low right now.

Calories are exceptionally low right now as well, but it's worth it - my body is slowly adjusting to its new calorie disruption and trying to work with it as best as possible, given it's not working too hot - 1 hour of  heavy ass workout sessions followed by cardio work anywhere in the 30-50 minute range. It's getting just enough to pick itself up and put its self down for the day, no more... but maybe a bit less! 

We're still dropping in the 0.5-0.8 lb a week which is where i want to be  - 1 week out we'll just focus on keeping what i have and balance out the kinks, work on pulling water and fully depleting so we can have an effective carb up and fill out nicely for nationals. I'm getting more and more pumped the closer we get to nationals, in addition to the steady progression of my composition, everything is going very nicley! Just need to stay motivated and strict - nothing is more powerful than the mind, as long as you can put your mind to it and hold steady... it WILL happen. No doubts!

Franks or water... really, i don't know which one i drink more of!
Franks or water... really, i don't know which one i drink more of!
And i really don't know what i'd do without Franks - i drink this stuff like water, i kid you not. It goes great on just about anything! Too bad i need to cut it out in a week due to it's sodium content... but we've had good times while it lasted!
Time sure is slinking in, and I’m getting more and more resolute by the day! I happen to smack a plateau a week or so back, my weight wasn’t in the mood to drop any longer, but we’re back in business and my metabolism is sparked like no other! Hungry usually 1 hour after my meals – cardio is up to its 30 minute mark for the time being, but will bounce staidly upwards when we HIIT  the 4 week mark.  ;)

Determining on the progress of my conditioning, cardio will rise extensively as well as calories and carbs will drop for the last time; before my 1 week out deplete. There is a specific look I’m going for this time around that I’ve never hit before, I’m pretty anxious to see if I can hit it, or obtain that look I have envisioned in my mind… who am I kidding? If I put my mind to it OF COURSE I’ll get it! Progress shots from 4 weeks out soon to follow, we’re going strong - workouts are still pretty heavy and reps and sets are moderate to high as well. We’re implementing a few different foods since calories are dropped lower and lower and it’s keeping me energized and fueled for my workout.

Last update: FISH! That’s right, fish is in and it’s in just about every meal besides before bed and breakfast, nothing comes close when cutting calories and keeping you full!

The days are counting down, carbohydrates have been cut once again for the following 3 weeks, then another drop in calories - 2 more weeks till i'm up to 2 cardio sessions every other day; LIIS post-workout followed up by a HIIT later that evening. Diet is in check and training is still heavy and brutal with no signs of slowing down!
Days to prep till Nationals; and believe me, we're going to come in super shredded!
So it was one of those days, 3 weeks into the pre-contest diet and the carb craving started to peek it's ugly head - i'm sure taking a walk through the chip isle didn't necessarily help matters any either, but whats done is done,,, so what else do you do when you cant eat chips? It's obvious right? low carb diet need a high percentage of calories from protein to have readily available amino acids to break down instead of going after that hard earned muscle! So the idea arose, MEAT CHIPS! high protein low calorie chips, made of delicious meat - and just as crunchy, if not more so than chips! 
10oz Ranch meat chips.

  • 64g Protein
  • 0 carbs
Now you must be asking, how do i make these delicious muscle building buggers? eASY! you'll NEED:

Time to prepare!
Preheat the oven to 430, while its getting hot for some meat, start the process of cutting the chicken, you'll need a sharp knife - slice the chicken into VERY thin slices of meat, a riggid or pearing knife both work pretty well for this - once thinly sliced, spray a cookie sheet with pam and place the chicken on it - spray the chicken on the pan then sprinkle the seasonings till you feel like its enough.

Place the goods in the stove on the bottom rack, cook for 15 minutes then pull out, flip and put it back in for another 15. Then to finish it off turn the oven to broil and keep an eye on the meat, take out when the edges start to burn... let it sit (if you can wait) then dig in! 

BONUS! So, while you have the chicken cut, why not give the low carb chicken tortilla wraps a shot? Just cut up the low carb tortilla into small roll-able pieces, add chicken to the inside with some onion, herbs and seasoning then roll up and spray it down with pam, place it in the oven for the same temperature (430) for 15 minutes then let sit for 5... then devour!